The Changing Dynamics of Product Specification – growing future prospects

At a recent summit Chief Executives of some of our leading construction contractors were asked to comment on prospects for the future. These are some of the phrases they used: Building information modelling, collaborative behaviours, drive around efficiency, working smarter, … Continue reading

The Growth of Social Media in Construction – How to take advantage

Our recent research the Construction Media Index demonstrates that social media is an established part of the business landscape. Social media is a great leveller and in my recent articles for AIS Interiors Insight  and Construction News I present the … Continue reading

Communicating with Construction Industry Decision Makers: An Integrated Strategy

Our recent research, Construction Media Index, identifies communication channels used by the key decision makers in the UK construction industry. It looks at the readership of hardcopy and online trade journals, industry blogs and websites and the use of product … Continue reading

Communicating with Construction Industry Decision Makers – making the right media choices

The construction market is complex, with many influences and drivers. As a result it is often hard to know where to start when selecting communication channels. Last week I presented at the CIMCIG seminar: Communicating with Construction Industry Decision Makers. … Continue reading

Communicating with Specialist Contractors – an Interview with Stefan Hay

When specification selling there is the tendency to focus on just the Architect or Engineer forgetting about the Contractor. The Contractor or Specialist Contractor are often overlooked and can present a missed opportunity in influencing the specification of your product. … Continue reading

Communicating with Architects – an interview with Su Butcher

The architect is probably the most important member of the design team, distilling the requirements and advice of the other members. Often though they are time poor and consequently hard to get hold of. So how do you introduce your … Continue reading